How Leaving Pop Music Stars

Hello friends, my name is John Brown and in the last article that I wrote, I was telling a story of how I met an outstanding artist called Bera, I myself live in New York and that is where I listened to him for the first time, after that I kind of became a big fan of his music and listened to him multiple times, when he was performing live, that was because he had moved to New York to pursue his goals and establish his career here in the United States. As I told you guys in the previous article, when I like an artist I try to get to know him better, weather investigating his life by the help of the all mighty world wide web, or by interviewing the artist himself. Bera is one of those guys that doesn’t get arrogant as he progresses his career further, in his case it was opposite, I have never met a guy that was as down to earth and humble as Bera, from the first day that I got introduced to his music, I was lucky enough to meet him personally off the stage and from that moments a have listened to him live at least for an year in America, he is a kind of artist that is very talented and uses his skills in a way that helps him get more popular, but nevertheless each time I met him he was as humble as I knew him from the start, he had a tight relationship with hi fan base here, and it was easy to see that he appreciated our love for him, that is why I think he told me and some other of his fans to visit him in his home country Georgia, as he was going to stay there for the whole summer to perform with his friends and produce an album with Georgian artists. We were very happy when Bera told us the news, he said that he would cover all our expenses, we only had to travel to Georgia.

I was very excited when I was given the chance to travel in the home country of the artist whom I enjoyed listening too, and the other interesting part was that I was very curious about the condition in which the Georgian Hip-Hop scene was in, you know Hip-hop originated from the U.S.A. and then spread all across the world, in some countries like Germany, Spain or other developed European countries the quality of Hip-hop music was very high, but in others people were not so familiar with the genre, hence the Hip-hop industry was not progressing as rapidly as in other cases, Georgia as I thought was in that stage of progress, so I had an additional reason to travel to Georgia to examine just how much Georgian people loved Hip-hop and whether or not the artists were appreciated enough.

On August 1 I arrived in the Tbilisi airport and on the way to my hotel I tried to collect as much impressions about the city as I could, I kind of liked the way Tbilisi was built, lots of buildings that was more likely to have been built in the end of the nineteen’s century and there were a lot of apartment building built in Tbilisi, as I was lately informed it was built in the era of the Soviet Union. The streets of Tbilisi were way different than any city streets of America and that’s what I liked in it, it was a blend of the past and the future, as I was told Georgia was on the verge of entering the European Union so the city had been progressing rapidly in the past few years, and it was especially interesting to me to travel in the country that is on the brink of entering the European Union and thus changing it’s standards and values in a more humane way, I’m not saying that Tbilisi before that was bad in any way, on the contrary, people were very kind here, although Georgia is not a super country that is economically very strong and secure and it can be seen in the streets easily, but people try their best to be humble and generous towards each other and especially foreigners like me, I remember one time I got lost when I was walking in the streets of Tbilisi and when I asked a couple to how to return to my hotel, they leaded me all the way to the hotel, despite the fact that my hotel was roughly 2 miles away from where I got lost.

I was so excited to discover Tbilisi that I couldn’t resist the temptation to tell you guys what was it like, so in the next article I will be talking about my time spent with Bera and how he influenced my life.