How to iCloud Unlock locked iPhone device

Here we introduce to you the most efficient hack tool, the Unlock iCLoud Lock tool. This tool was developed and released in order to help those users of iPhones who have problems with iCloud locks on their devices. The iCloud is place where you can store your phone data and protect them from unauthorized use. But in case you are not able to provide the user and password for your iCloud, than you have a serious problem.

The iCloud Unlock tool is completely free and can be downloaded from the links provided below. It is verified and it is safe for use. You don’t need to go to Apple’s stores anymore and know you can Unlock the lock on your iPhone device by yourself.

iCloud Unlock

Free instructions for using iCLoud Unlock service

As we mentioned above, the tool can be found on our official website. Be careful while searching on the Internet not to be deceived by similar web pages which offer their services, but at the end they just want to take you money or to steal some of your personal information.

Just follow the provided instructions:

  1. First of all, download the tool from the provided links and install it on your PC
  2. Then connect the locked device to the computer where the too is installed.
  3. A list of iPhone models will appear on the screen. You should choose the model of iPhone that needs to be unlocked.
  4. Start the tool and put your phone in DFU mode
  5. Wait while the process of initialization is running and be careful not to interrupt it.
  6. After the process is finished, your iPhone will be auto rebooted
  7. Then all that you should do is to go to iTunes and to make Restore and Update
  8. And that’s all. Now your iPhone is lock free. You can set its parameters by your wish and create new password and ID.
  9. Models of iPhones supported by the iCloud Unlock tool

It doesn’t matter which model of iPhone you are using. After many upgrades and improvements, this tool was make compatible with almost all Apple devices. So, you don’t have to care about which model is your phone and which version of the tool you need. The same tool works for all models.

And not only for all iPhone models, but it works with other Apple devices, such as iPod and iPad touch. Don’t wait and download the iCloud Unlock tool now!

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